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Improved Claim Inspection

While all of the moving pros involved in a relocation do their best to ensure the safety and security of the items being moved, accidents happen. With many relocations involving several different movers or moving companies, prevent damage while becoming more and more difficult. With the MyRelo® technology we've leveraged transparency and accountability for the moving pros. Using the CYA (Cover Your @$$) feature the technology helps inventory items and document the status before and after the job. Meanwhile, the customer can use the InventoryMyStuff® feature to ensure a smooth move.

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Our claim repair system is just one of the many features that makes MyRelopro® so valuable to moving companies. Our free and premium memberships provide you with tons of valuable resources that allow you users to:
  • Document items in the system to minimize the risk of false claims.
  • Enhanced 24/7 Communication with secure video-chat feature which connects all users by order.
  • Receive ReloClaims from customers/ moving companies/ other ReloPros
  • Quickly process and uploaded documentation for claims.
  • Easily notify customers and pro of the status of their claims.

Improved Productivity

Our proprietary technology allows pros & customers to document the contents before and after the relocation job. This eliminates the man-hours necessary to prove or contradict undocumented claims, leading to more proficiency.

Higher Profits

The party with the most documentation is usually the party that pays the least in claims, leveraging the technology to document each stage of the move helps cut cost and time.

An Easier Process

By bringing together experienced claims professionals and moving pros, the MyRelo® system allows for faster resolutions that benefit your clients and your business. Claims can be done remotely, which allows claims experts to get more jobs done more quickly and without personal contact.

MyReloPro® Revolutionary Features

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