Relocation Made Stress Free and Easy

for Military Transportation, Storage, and Security Office Personnel

Easy-to-use, mission critical tools ensure high-quality PCS relocations for military families


Our easy-to-use platform streamlines your TSP approval process. Dramatically increase customer satisfaction survey completion rates.

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JPPSO & PPSO Personnel

Secure, cutting-edge communication tools for your frontline warriors of the Personal Property Program at JPPSO'S and PPSO'S worldwide. Increase shipment inspection rates to over 75% or higher.

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Storage Management Office

Simple solutions to expedite approval of SIT/NTS warehouse service providers to expand capacity. Save taxpayer money through versatile inspection tools, which reduce SMO staff's travel expenses by more than 50%.

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Base Security Office

Streamline base access for non-DBIDS and non-CAC visitors through our DoD Pre-Check® function for ReloDrivers and ReloHelpers.

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Commanders and support personnel need versatile tools to address the challenges of the Personal Property Program.

Expedited Approval=Expanded Capacity

Review and approve new transportation service providers to the DoD Personal Property Program utilizing our easy-to-use interface to manage the approval process.

Instantly communicate with TSP staff to ensure rapid approval and increased capacity for this necessary program.

Accountability=Higher Quality Relocations

Accountability for everyone involved in a PCS relocation through technology is key. Our secure MyPCS app for military members allows instant text and video chat with quality control personnel, movers, and everyone involved in the relocation process.

Assist Your Warriors on the Ground

Unique tools to respond to any relocation issues, reimbursement questions or other items via our seamless communication tools via text and video chat.

Increase Customer Satisfaction Survey Rates

The free MyPCS app for military members and their families will instantly increase response rates for CSS by allowing them to complete the survey 24/7. Your staff can manage reminder frequency and ask any additional customer service questions through your dashboard.

Manage Support Tickets

Manage any customer service or service provider requests via our easy-to-use support ticket dashboard.

Storage Management Office

Increase program capacity through our easy-to-use Service Provider management tool.

warehouse inspections
Virtual Warehouse Inspections

Complete mandatory and instant warehouse inspections via our MyPCS app for moving companies.

more capacity
More Service Providers = More Capacity

Our easy-to-use platform streamlines approval for SIT/NTS service providers.

high quality standards
Maintain High Standards of Quality

Review quality issues brought to your attention by movers, drivers, customers, and anyone else involved in a relocation.

JPPSO & PPSO tools for
Customer Service & Quality Control Personnel

Your frontline warriors now have the tools to ensure STRESS-FREE AND EASY PCS Relocations!

Increased Shipment Inspections

Our easy-to-use MyPCS apps — ReloDriver and ReloHelper — apps allow your team to have an onsite view of exactly what is going on at a residence or NTS warehouse.

Responsive Customer Service

Instantly live text chat with MyPCS app customers to address simple customer service issues and cut on-hold wait times for phone inquiries.

Real Time Shipment Tracking

MyPCS technology allows your team to see exactly where a shipment is as it travels across the country.

Higher Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Communication is key to ensuring the best PCS relocation for members of the military. Our chat tools allow you to increase your customer service performance matrix easily.

Base Security Office

End the long lines, wait times, and access rejections by utilizing DoD Pre-Check® for ReloDrivers and ReloHelpers.

not everyone icon
Not Everyone is DBIDS-Approved

Days before access is needed, pre-approve ReloDrivers and ReloHelpers to access your facility based on your unique security protocols.

Adjust Access With Base Security Protocols on the Fly

The ability to manage security protocols hourly and daily is a necessary tool for security personnel. Advise ReloDrivers and ReloHelpers of security changes instantly to ensure the highest level of service for PCS relocation military members and their families.



"The platform and apps are very user friendly and allow me to better manage my workload and schedule."

Mark Nelson , Former Military Manager A-1 Freeman & ArcBest

"The platform and apps are very user friendly and allow me to better manage my workload and schedule."

Mark Nelson , Former Military Manager A-1 Freeman & ArcBest